Golf Instructor, Flexibility & Fitness Innovator

For over 25 years, Roger Fredericks has helped thousands of people improve the quality of their lives with his Posture Restoration and Flexibility Programs.

Arising out of the golf world, Roger was one of the True Pioneers of the golf fitness movement and his Smash Hit Infomercial, ‘Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets of Golf Swing Flexibility’ has been the #1 Best Selling DVD’s of All Time. In addition to being Arnold Palmer’s personal coach for many years – along with over 14 Hall of Fame Athletes from every sport, Roger has studied Physiology and Bio Mechanics with such legendary sports physiologists including Pete Egoscue, Dr. Gideon Ariel (the modern day pioneer of computerized biomechanics), Jim and Phil Wharton of Maximum Performance International, and one of the true pioneers of Kinesiology, Dr. Aaron Mattes of Sarasota, Florida.

Realizing the Health Problems that have become epidemic in our culture today due to our sedentary sitting down culture, Roger has begun taking his Posture Restoration and Flexibility Programs out into the mainstream and is achieving amazing results!

  • Author of the Smash Hit Infomercial ‘Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets of golf Swing Flexibility’ (#1 Best Selling Golf Fitness DVD’s of all time)
  • Author – “Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets of Golf Instruction and Flexibility”
  • Keynote Speaker – Men’s Health Conference Integris of Oklahoma 2012 & 2013
  • Keynote Speaker – Resmed Conference (World’s Largest Manufacturer of CPAP machines)
  • Advisory Board Member – Titleist Performance Institute
  • Advisory Board – Golf Academy of America
  • Advisory Board – Golf Fitness Magazine
  • Keynote Speaker – Pacific Northwest Dental Association Conferences (2008/2011)
  • Keynote Speaker – Every TPI World Golf Fitness Summits
  • Keynote Speaker – 7 Golf Sectional Teaching Summits
  • Cover Story – GOLF MAGAZINE – “Swing Right for your Posture Type”
  • Worked with over 15 Hall of Famers of several sports along with hundreds of professional athletes.
  • Co-host with Katherine Roberts on The Golf Channel’s “Swing Fault Solutions”.

Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. I just wish I had started your program 20 years ago.

Arnold Palmer

PGA Hall of Famer