Program: Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility

The golf swing DEMANDS superb upper body flexibility and functional leg strength. Without these two ingredients, it is almost certain that a fundamental golf swing will be unattainable!

The overwhelming majority of golfers need to know THE TRUTH of what the TRUE FUNDAMENTALS of the Golf Swing are – and the TRUTH ABOUT THEIR BODIES.

If your golf swing is being restricted by a lack of flexibility, remember that Tight and Imbalanced Muscles got you into this shape, stretching them PROPERLY can get you flexible again.

Whether you’re a beginner or tour pro, taking lessons or not, looking to get some of the distance back or add some that you’ve always wanted, even if you’ve never had success with lessons, videos or any other game improvement product…

Roger Fredericks Reveals Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility is a three part series designed to:

  • Improve Your Flexibility
  • Improve Your Strength and Stability (throughout your entire range of motion)
  • Improve your Game with the TRUE Fundamentals of the Golf Swing (with the right drills to perfect your swing)

Video 1: Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility

Unlike most exercise and fitness programs that don’t improve your flexibility… “Roger Fredericks Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility” will improve your flexibility, creating a more fluid and powerful golf swing, GUARANTEED. Roger shows you how to test your own flexibility, and then guides you step-by-step through The White Tee (Beginner), Blue Tee (Intermediate), and The Gold Tee (Advanced) Flexibility Programs. In just minutes a day, you’ll be amazed at how much your flexibility and golf swing improves.

Video 2: Secrets to a Powerful Golf Swing

This simple to use strengthening program will teach you how to achieve a stronger body and produce a more powerful golf swing, at any age. A stronger body, combined with ample flexibility, will result in more distance and consistency in your game. The program again will give you the option of utilizing the White Tee, Blue Tee, or Gold Tee Programs, so you can choose the right exercises for you. This program will get you stronger, longer, and you’ll start swinging the club with effortless power.

Video 3: Secrets to a Fundamental Golf Swing

In this program, Roger explains the TRUE physiological fundamentals of the golf swing, and WHY there is no one right method to swinging a golf club. As Roger breaks down the 3 major fundamentals, he gives you 12 easy to learn swing drills, that will help make your golf swing more fundamentally sound and produce a more effective, and easy to repeat golf swing. Clear away the confusion that plagues most golfers, and get a crystal clear picture of what a good golf swing really is.

Bonus: Exercise Guide

Never forget an exercise again. Store this guide in your golf bag and always have a handy reference at your finger tips.

Get the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility Program – DIGITAL VERSION ONLY

Plays on any device or download the videos on your computer to watch anytime you want. Your Bonus Exercise Guide is delivered as a printable PDF. Print off as many copies as you need to always have this handy reference at your finger tips.

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