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SINGLE & DOUBLE LEG PELVIC TILTS (a Short and Simple Way to Stretch your Lower Back)

One thing is for certain: the Sitting Down Forward Bending Culture that we live in, tightens up your hips and lower back muscles something fierce!

Tight hips and tight lower back muscles are usually the cause of most back pain, and especially lower back pain. On top of that, tight hips and lower backs also lead to hip function in the golf swing. The hips and legs are absolutely the Engine of the Golf Swing, and when they get restricted, the golf swing will also be restricted and forcing you to compensate.

When a person has tight hip flexors and lower backs, it usually means that the Front Muscles of the hips have tightened and shortened pulling the upper torso forward, while simultaneously tightening the low back. This condition is called Lower Cross Syndrome, ie., Tight Hip Flexors and Low Back, and weak glutes and abs.

A simple stretch to loosen up the hips and lower back are Single and Double Leg Pelvic Tilts. These simple stretches can be done Actively (holding the stretch for 1-2 seconds), or Statically (holding the stretch for 20-60 seconds).