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The Perfect Christmas Gift for You or Your Friends


Whether it’s improving  one’s Flexibility, Health, Golf Swing, etc., I sincerely believe that a person has to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN WELL BEING , and change their actions and belief systems.  In other words, Self Improvement is an ‘Inside Job’. 

Nobody can give you good health or a golf game.  This also goes for POSTURE RESTORATION. 

HOWEVER, a few years ago, I came across an amazing product called THE ALIGNMED POSTURE SHIRT which automatically improves your posture – JUST BY WEARING IT! 

With the Bands stitched into the fabric, the shirt automatically pulls your shoulders back, Lifts your Chest, and does wonders for your sense of well being.  On a side note, I have most of my Tour Players wear the shirt – specially when they travel on airplanes , and they’re always amazed when the flight is over at how tall they’re standing!

If you haven’t tried the Alignmed Posture Shirt, I highly recommend that you get one – and get one for a friend as a Christmas Present. 

Trust me, it’s not to late to ‘GET IT ON’!