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Better Posture = Feeling Better

It has become irrefutable to me, that proper posture is the #1 most important aspect of musculeo skeletal health than any other. 

If there is one thing that gets more and more re-enforced into my brain year after year, it’s that the body has ONE design, and ONE design only, in which to operate from; and the more that people get out of this design, the more ailments they are prone to have.  Nature gave us one blueprint in which to operate from and that is, (From the side view), the Ear should be on top of the Hip joint, the Hip joint should be on top of the Knee, and the Knee should be on top of the ankle.  In other words, these joints are designed to stack on top of one another.  Along these lines, the next LAW of nature, is that muscles were designed to move joints, n

ot the other way around, and when these muscles get too imbalanced, they cause the joints to get out of it’s design, thus creating unbalanced load forces on the joints.

The reason that the vast majority of our population has so many aches and pains is simply because we live in a culture that in one sense – is not natural!  Instead of hunting and gathering, walking and moving in a multitude of directions, we instead sit and lean forward, whether driving a car, sitting at our desks, watching TV, ad infinitum.  Sitting down too much, is literally the #1 musculeo skeletal problem in our culture, simply because the hip muscles do too much work holding our torsos up, while the legs do too little work.  The result is that our hip muscles don’t work in sync with our legs. In time, the over use of our hip muscles begin to dominate our pelvis and eventually move it out of position.  Once the pelvis gets out of position, every single joint in the body is affected and in turn, the joints get too much friction, or pressure placed upon them.  When that happens, we’ll begin to see back problems, hip problems, knee problems, shoulder problems,  etc.  Simply by recognizing a persons posture, one can begin to eradicate the pressure placed upon the joints be doing the proper sequenced exercises (usually beginning with stretching) which will return balance to the body.

Whether it’s analyzing a golf swing, or prescribing a “custom” fitness program, restoring a person to proper posture is the key. 

How’s your posture?  How are your ailments?

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