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“A golfer MUST have a steady and focused mind to see and execute the intended shot. NuCalm does that for you.”


Over the course of a lifetime, I’ve played with and taught, virtually thousands of golfers from great players, not so great players, and of course, poor players.

Without question, the main thing that separates great players from the ‘not so great’ players, is their ability to ‘STILL THEIR MINDS’ and visualize their shots. There is No Doubt that they have this innate ability because they all started the game when they’re kids and by repetition, they’ve developed their Minds and Bodies by millions of repetitions hitting golf shots. I’ve found (like all teachers), that ‘Stilling’ a higher handicappers mind is often difficult.

However, I’ve come across an AMAZING product that can help a golfer relax and quiet their minds, called the NuCalm App. The first time I tried it I found that it instantly relaxed me – then, I decided to try it out on the range when hitting shots.


For more information on the NuCalm App, and how it works, click on the link below and check out it out.

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Everybody wants to hit the ball further – and for good reason! No Doubt, today’s game has become a Power Game and with courses getting longer, it certainly helps to hit the ball out there further!

And, in addition, as people get older and enter into Senior Status, the drives start getting shorter and handicaps keep getting higher and again, nobody likes hitting the ball shorter than when they did when they were younger.  (Plus, in order to ‘Keep up with the Jones’s, we don’t want to get out driven all the time by our buddies).

To address the need to hit the ball further, we get barraged by Golf Instruction Tips that are geared to give you a ‘SECRET’ Swing Tip that will teach you to improve your swing – in order to gain more distance. BUT, I think that a lot of people are forgetting One Thing – and that’s;  to get more Power – SIMPLY get STRONGER AND MORE FLEXIBLE! 

Trying a new ‘Tour Move’ isn’t going to necessarily make your muscles stronger or more flexible – which is obviously THE MAIN ingredient to hitting it further.

One sure way you can get your Body and Swing Stronger, is to swing the Power Swing Fan around 10 – 20 times a day, a few days a week.  This ingenious device will not only get you stronger and improve your Range of Motion, but it’ll also help you achieve a more dynamic weight transfer and rotation through the ball.

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Counter the effects of sitting down with the AlignMed Posture Shirt

What can we do about our Posture?

I feel that it’s No Coincidence that we’re seeing an increase in Health & Fitness Problems, and that people are sitting down at desks and computers more than ever before in our history!
Because our bodies were WERE DESIGNED TO MOVE – and instead are sitting down too much, the major systems in our body including CIRCULATORY – RESPIRATORY – CARDIOSVASCULAR – MUSCULOSKELETAL, AND EVEN HORMONES begin to lose their functions – and spawn health problems.
Obviously this also affects our Posture – which was designed to remain Upright and Vertical. As you can see in the photo, when our bodies FIGHT GRAVITY by sitting down, we are adding STRESS TO VIRTUALLY ALL OF OUR BODY’S SYSTEMS!

In addition to embarking on a ‘PROPER’ Flexibility and Posture Restoration Program, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that my people wear the ALIGNMED POSTURE SHIRT, which is designed in such a manner that it automatically helps you maintain the INTEGRITY OF YOUR POSTURE – JUST BY WEARING IT!

“Roger, I’ve been wearing the Alignmed Posture Shirt daily (I also wear it when I fly) and am seeing major changes! The shirt is great and really works!”
~Russell Knox

I have my Tour Players wear it as much as possible and especially when they travel. I’m sure that the ALIGNMED POSTURE SHIRT will help you too. On and Off the Course!

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Hi i’m Roger Fredericks

Our bodies will adapt itself and mold itself into whatever activities its doing for long periods of time
For example if we sit down in desk, cars, or computers etc eventually our bodies are going to end up with forward tilted hips, rounded shoulders, and forward head.

If we’re hitting millions of golf balls through our life or playing tennis. If we are doing things that are primarily one sided which is almost what all sports are. We are going to end up with muscle imbalances on the tighter dominant side.
For example almost all golfers when you look at them, their right shoulder will be lower than their left. What that means is the muscles on the right shoulder has become tighter and more restricted and is dominating the weaker side muscles
Bad posture is a result of muscle imbalances, and muscle imbalances will inevitably lead to friction on the joints which then lead to pain. What should we do about it?

The best way is to get a proper flexibility and posture restoration program designed specifically for you to correct these imbalances, make the tight muscles more flexible and the weaker muscle stronger etc. But there is another way i have found. I have come across a fabulous new product called the AlignMed Posture Shirt which is terrific. It actually pulls your shoulders back, tuck your hips under, and get your joints back to proper alignment just by wearing it.

Eventually your body will mold itself back into perfect alignment. I have learned that this shirt will keep you in proper alignment for days on end.

So i hope you’ll take it from me and thousands of other people that have tried the AlignMed Posture Shirt and i hope you do not waste any time to get it on!