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Everybody wants to hit the ball further – and for good reason! No Doubt, today’s game has become a Power Game and with courses getting longer, it certainly helps to hit the ball out there further!

And, in addition, as people get older and enter into Senior Status, the drives start getting shorter and handicaps keep getting higher and again, nobody likes hitting the ball shorter than when they did when they were younger.  (Plus, in order to ‘Keep up with the Jones’s, we don’t want to get out driven all the time by our buddies).

To address the need to hit the ball further, we get barraged by Golf Instruction Tips that are geared to give you a ‘SECRET’ Swing Tip that will teach you to improve your swing – in order to gain more distance. BUT, I think that a lot of people are forgetting One Thing – and that’s;  to get more Power – SIMPLY get STRONGER AND MORE FLEXIBLE! 

Trying a new ‘Tour Move’ isn’t going to necessarily make your muscles stronger or more flexible – which is obviously THE MAIN ingredient to hitting it further.

One sure way you can get your Body and Swing Stronger, is to swing the Power Swing Fan around 10 – 20 times a day, a few days a week.  This ingenious device will not only get you stronger and improve your Range of Motion, but it’ll also help you achieve a more dynamic weight transfer and rotation through the ball.