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Develop More Power with the Power Swing Fan

Over the years, golf has evolved into a Power Game and everybody wants more power!  It’s gotten to the point where many of the greatest courses in the world have become obsolete because the technology has the ball going further than ever before, and consequently, many courses have gotten too short.

No doubt about it, nearly EVERYBODY wants more power – especially our seniors who usually find that their drives are getting shorter and their handicaps getting higher.  The formula for distance is Mass X Velocity Squared – which means that the faster club the head speed coupled with how much mass goes into the shot, will create longer drives.

The secret here is to have Strong Legs and Flexible Hips that will shift the weight and rotate the torso effectively.  THAT IS WHY I PREACH FLEXIBILITY AND  STRENGTHENING  ‘First and Foremost’ to improve one’s body.

There’s also another way that will strengthen the body and create greater weight transfer and body rotation, and that’s the Power SWING FAN – demonstrated in the video clip above.  Swinging this GREAT device several times a day will definitely increase your power – and get your drives headed in a Longer Direction! Get mor details on the Power SWING FAN here!

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