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Tour Tempo: Golf’s Last Secret Finally Revealed
Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, and validated by Yale University.

“A key focus of any modern golfer is to increase their distance off the tee. I use the Tour Tempo training aid to help with my tempo and power and know it would definitely be of help to any amateur golfer.”
—Padraig Harrington, Three Time Major Champion
John Novosel’s TOUR TEMPO has helped thousands of golfers hit the ball farther, straighter, and lower their scores. It has given golfers what they’ve been searching for all these years — immediate and dramatic improvement.

Now using Tour Tempo has been made easier than ever — everything you need is contained in a lightweight device that fits securely and comfortably right on your ear. Turn it on and get better right now!

“TOUR TEMPO is an exciting breakthrough in golf instruction, the most revolutionary work to be published about the golf swing since the beginning of golf as we know it.”
— Doubleday Books

Learn how to correctly integrate the Tempo of the Tour Pros into your swing. Over 100,000 golfers, including Major Championship winners, have improved their games by using Tour Tempo. In addition, Tour Tempo has been validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University.

In this breakthrough book, John Novosel and Sports Illustrated writer John Garrity explain exactly how to achieve Tour Tempo. Through clear, step-by-step instruction, golfers are taught how to master two basic drills to synchronize their swings. Included with the book is a revolutionary instructional CD-ROM, featuring videos that illustrate exactly how to learn the tempo secrets of the tour pros, and a calibrated soundtrack that you can use while practicing at a driving range or in your living room.

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