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Swing Fault: Introduction from Roger Fredericks

Are your golf swing flaws just bad ‘HABITS’ or are they ‘SYMPTOMS’ of a lack of flexibility in key muscle groups?

In this Introductory Segment, Roger explains that YOUR BODY IS YOUR GOLF SWING and introduces Specific Flexibility Programs to address many of Golf’s most common swing faults.   Swing Faults generally occur because tight and imbalanced muscles don’t flow together.  For  example, a person with very tight hips will often slide their hips; a person with rounded shoulders will nearly always be restricted in their shoulder turn etc.  Rather than work on the SYMPTOM (the Swing Flaw) doesn’t  it make more sense to work on the CAUSE (Tight and Restricted Muscles).  By restoring flexibility to the actual muscle groups that are causing the fault, you’ll certainly be on the way to achieving a freer and more powerful golf swing.