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27 Point Program

Become a great Shot maker with The 27 Point Program. My old friend, the late Jim Flick used to say that the golf swing was a reaction to the golfer’s intent of swinging at the target. I’ve always liked that analogy because I feel that most golfers focus too much of their swing – and not on the shot they want to hit. One of the greatest players I ever saw was a man named Ted Richards – the 1953 U.S. Public Links Champion who never turned pro (certainly not because he couldn’t). Ted taught me the 27 point program which when practiced, will teach you how to hit different types of shots, i.e, High Fades, Low Hook, Low Fades, etc. This drill is phenomenal and if you practice it on the range – then on the course, your entire perception of golf will change. You’ll start playing ‘shots’ and stop playing ‘Swing’.