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Control Your Wedges By Your Shoulder Rotation

I feel that one of the main reasons that amateurs don’t get better results with their
Wedges is because they try to keep ‘too still’ in their swings.  Ie, they sometimes try to keep their body static and just use the hands and arms.

Remember, that controlling your wedges depends on how well you control your shoulders.  

For example:

If you want to hit the shot lower, you can pretty much keep your shoulders more level and trap the ball.  On the other hand, if you want to hit the ball higher, try to Rotate  your Shoulders FASTER through the shot!

Think of playing Ping Pong; if your opponent is way back beyond his side of the table, and you want to hit a soft cut shot barely dropping over the net with a lot of spin, then you’d open up the paddle, and Rotate your Shoulders Faster through the shot.  The same thing in golf applies when you’re hitting different types of wedge shots.