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Putting and Focus

The One Thing that I’ve learned that ALL great putters do; is FOCUS ON THE HOLE and not so much the Stroke!  I had the honor of teaching at Omni La Costa Resort for several years with the legendary teacher Jim Flick – and Jim had a saying that I always liked. 

He used to say that “The Golf Swing is a REACTION to the intended shot you’re trying to hit”.  Most golfers have it the other way around.

Although today’s tip is about Putting and Focus, the philosophy I just mentioned certainly applies.  Rather than focus so much on your Putting Stroke, try spending more time Focusing on the actual Putt, Ie, the line, the break, the grain, and try SEEING the ball actually drop into the cup. etc.  

Directing your energy OUTWARD  towards the hole Rather than INWARD in your hands, will free up your body and send your energy out to the hole..  This will automatically create the stroke that is necessary.