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(If you think too much like this………You may end up feeling like this)

In my opinion, I think golf (like many other things in life), has gotten way too technical. In fact, when I hear some of the lingo that‘s been going on for the last several years, I sometimes think that some instructors sound like they’re programming Robots and Computers, and not Human Beings.

There is No Doubt in my mind that golf has more instruction and theories than any sport on the planet, but the statistics show that handicaps really haven’t changed in 45 years – according to Dean Knuth (Founder of the Slope Method for the USGA), and the National Golf Foundation! Yet, it seems like in other sports, the amateur and pro athletes are better across the board from amateurs and pros. (Notice that other sports – even kids – focus more on improving their bodies than they do on mechanics). Although it can be argued that today’s pros are better players and definitely longer now, I think the major reason for this is due to the technology, where we’re seeing the ball go infinitely farther and doesn’t’ curve as much – the clubs are infinitely better with giant club heads, balanced shafts, and the courses are infinitely manicured better. Having grown up in the era of Palmer, Player, Nicklaus, Trevino, Miller, et al, nobody can tell me that today’s players are better than them – not to mention Hogan, Nelson, Snead in the previous generation! It would be very interesting to see what would happen if we suddenly put the old clubs and balls in the hands of today’s players and put them on the old courses before verticutting machines, high bred technology in grasses, etc. Also remember, that the very few pros that were workout fanatics in the 60’s, which included Gary Player, Jerry Barber, Frank Stranahan and maybe a ‘few’ others, none of them hit it extraordinarily far.

However, as mentioned, I don’t see the relative improvement in the average golfers – and ESPECIALLY the senior golfers, who are generally getting worse as they play on the ‘Back Nine of Life’.

And, on that note, I’ve been blessed to have played with and coached scores of great players (mainly the senior tour players), and I can assure you that they didn’t – and don’t – know anywhere near as much about swing mechanics as today’s young players do. However, both generations REALLY understood their F-E-E-L-S and ALL of them used their imaginations and focused completely differently than high handicappers. Ie, Great Players play ‘Shots’ and too many high handicappers play ‘Swing’. Another thing both generations have is superb flexibility in their upper bodies – specifically the Obliques and Quadratus Lumborum (their sides). This comes from them having swung golf clubs millions of times since they were young. Not all of them have super flexible hamstrings – BUT, they all have ‘Super Strong Legs’ – which are crucial in Driving the Pelvis through the swing.

Therefore, I deduct that THE most important factors in playing good golf for a lifetime, are having a Flexible Upper Body and Strong Legs – AND, without question…a Focused Mind – that focuses on The Shot and Target and not on your swing mechanics.

So, to recap; My recommendation is to KEEP STRETCHING!!