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Kneeling Psoas Stretch

Kneeling Psoas Stretch

In my ‘not so humble’ opinion, THE #1 Problem – that’s the genesis of all musculoskeletal problems is” THE CHAIR!!

In fact, many people (including me) have called the Chair…’THE NEW SMOKING’.

In short, we sit down too much in our culture, and nature didn’t give us feet, legs, and hips to sit down as much as we do. We were given these limbs to MOVE and have MOTION, and when the body is moving – all of the systems in our body begin to function.Things like: Circulation, Breathing, Clearer Thinking, Digestive, Stronger joints, etc.

Since we don’t live outdoors and move like the Hunters/Gatherers that we truly are, and we consequently sit down too much, I highly suggest that during the day, people get up from their desks, and do a few Kneeling Psoas Stretches (as shown in the video above). A few of these periodically throughout the day will do wonders for your well being……..ON and OFF the Course!