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Take This Breathing Test

To Make Sure You Are Breathing Maximally!

I know this may sound strange, but I’ve found that the majority of people don’t Breathe Correctly!

Yes, they’re Breathing – but not the way the body designed us to!

A simple look at newborn babies can teach you a lot about the right way nature intended us to Breath – because when you watch them, you’ll see As they INHAL, they’re stomach and abdomen will go OUTWARD – and when they EXHALE, their stomachs and abdomen will go INWARD..

Most people Breathe opposite of this because as they Breathe IN, their stomachs and abdomen will go INWARD and OUT as they EXHALE.  (You’ll notice that as a person gets nervous, they’ll automatically begin to tighten the stomach muscles which in a way, is somewhat holding their Breath.  Again, this is opposite of the way we were designed.

Allowing the stomach muscles to RELAX, will automatically allow the diaphragm to ‘Drop’ and allow Oxygen and Blood Flow to circulate throughout the body. (Ie, counter the Tension that’s building up).

I tell my clients all the time to ‘GET FAT!’ and allow your stomach muscles to go OUTWARD on the INHALE.  When you become conscious of your Breathing pattern, you’re allowing the Blood and Oxygen flow to flow freely throughout your body and up into your brain.