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Eliminate Excess Movement with The Pullback Drill

Without a doubt, I think the majority of high handicap golfers ‘Move Too Much’ in their swings and have too many unnecessary and wasted movements.  

One of the reasons tour player’s golf swings look so effortless is because they don’t have any hitches ad glitches, and their swings are actually very simple motions  where not much can go wrong.

Years ago, one of my longtime friends and 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, Mike Malaska showed me a drill called the PULL BACK DRILL – which comes in 3 parts, and is simple to execute.  What I couldn’t (and still can’t believe) is that I absolutely Couldn’t Miss when hitting my shots with this drill! Whenever you feel that your swing gets off, and has too many excessive movements, give the PULL BACK DRILL a try, and it’ll surely get your swing centered and powerful!