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For More Stability In Your Body and Golf Swing

Do Some “Sit To Stands” Periodically Throughout the Day

For More Stability In Your Body and Golf Swing
Do Some "Sit To Stands" Periodically Throughout the Day

Lack of stability in your lower body– and being unable to stay in your spine angle, is often the result of having weak Glutes and Tight Hip Flexors.  Because the entire body is a UNIT where all the muscle chains work in unison with one another, there are other reasons, but weak glutes are usually a major part of the problem.  

WHY you ask?  Because we live in a culture where we SIT DOWN TOO MUCH, and consequently don’t walk and MOVE enough!  Therefore, the old adage of ‘If you don’t use it – you’ll Lose it’ applies here. 

I’ve never seen a tour player who had weak glutes, BUT, I’ve seen plenty of high handicappers and senior citizens that do.  

In the video above, I explain a simple exercise called SIT TO STANDS  that will absolutely strengthen your glutes – as well as improve your leg and hip strength.  Just doing these a few times a day will definitely help strengthen your glutes and posture, and get your golf game – and Health