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Standing Quad Stretch

In my opinion, THE #1 problem in our culture- is that we sit down too much!

Remember, we’re Hunters & Gatherers and were designed to be out in nature–walking, bending over – Ie,  MOVING !!!

Because the majority of us don’t’ move enough, our legs don’t get enough motion that they were designed for, and consequently not only weaken, but begin to tighten up – especially as we age.  Our legs  also help support our upper torso, and when they tighten up, the upper torso begins to compensate and bends over Forward!  This in turn, forces our hips to do the work and we lose our vertical relationship with gravity.  In addition, our bodies begin ‘Fighting Gravity’ rather than to harmonize with it and our circulation, oxygenation, gets stifled.

What I HIGHLY recommend for my clients to do, is periodically during the day, simply stand up and put a foot on a chair, bed, short table, etc., and stretch out the quads.  During the stretch, make sure you’re ‘gently’, pushing your pelvis forward and you’ll feel a good stretch in your quads.

You only have to hold the pose for around 10 seconds, but I assure you…it’s well worth it!!