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Do Some Sit To Stands

For Better Stability On and Off The Golf Course

Good Golf DEMANDS a Strong Lower Body and a Flexible Upper Torso!

However, legions of golfers (especially seniors), have weak lower bodies and Inflexible Upper Torsos.

Being able to Rotate your Upper Trunk against a Solid and Strong Lower Body in your golf swing will create superb separation between the Upper and Lower Bodies and allow the Lower Body to initiate the downswing in a balanced and powerful motion.

Although there’s no better exercise for the Lower Body than walking, making sure you have Strong Glutes and Legs go a long long way in your golf performance.

A simple exercise you can do at Home or at the Office (or Anywhere for that matter), are Sit to Stands – performed right from your chair. Because our culture promotes a sedentary lifestyle (mainly from sitting down to much), I highly recommend that my clients do a few Sit to Stands throughout the day to maintain Powerful Legs and Hips.