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Do You Want Better Side Bend?

Increase Your Side Bend With Windmills

Then Put Some “Windmills” into Your Stretching Routine

There is more and more awareness being given today on the importance of Side Bend in the golf swing.

No Doubt…Side Bend occurs the more a golfer ROTATES through the shot. Side bend is a challenge for a high percentage of golfers especially seniors, when they have tight Chests – Obliques, QLO’s –and, Hip Flexors.

When those muscle groups get tight and lose Range of Motion, a golfer will tend to ‘Stand Up’ and Hyperextend rather than to ‘Get Down Into the Shot’. Without ample Rotation, a golfer will lose Centrifugal Force (Speed), and Power in their shots.

An exercise I do nearly every day are Standing Windmills (ideally against a wall), which keeps my torso limber and functional In my swing. If you’re not already doing Windmills (or Triangle Poses), I highly suggest you put them into your Stretch Routine! (And don’t be surprised that – when your finished, you’ll feel Lighter and Taller ON and OFF the course!