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Rigidity in one’s body is a huge detriment to a fundamental golf swing, not to mention most all other forms of sports and movement. I believe strongly as the Yogi’s say, ‘You’re only as Young as your Spine’.

Keeping your spine healthy will go a long way to a healthy and fit life!

Over a lifetime of golf, I’ve observed literally thousands of different body types and have come to the conclusion that the golfers who play the longest are the ones who have the best Flexibility and Range of Motion. Although Strength is obviously another vital component, I feel strongly that Flexibility Reigns Supreme in maintaining the fountain of youth.

One of my favorite exercises is Roller Coasters – which we feature in the CORE STRENGTHENING PORTION OF THE POSTURE SYSTEM – demonstrated in today’s video with Victoria and Keith. Roller Coasters have It all: Flexibility, Strengthening, and Cardiovascular, which are all the ingredients of a complete workout.

However, if doing the Roller Coasters the way Victoria is demonstrating is too challenging, or if you have back and/or disc problems in your back, then do them the way that Keith is demonstrating.