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Rhomboid Stretch – For better extension and coil.

One thing I learned years ago was the body is ONE BIG WORKING UNIT, where everything is linked together. For example, our Hips control our Shoulders – and our Shoulders control our Arms, etc. Often times when my students come to me to for a specific musculoskeletal problem, I often don’t usually work on the site of the problem, but rather the source of it. A typical example of it is when people want to have greater extension of their arms for a longer and deeper backswing. In the majority of cases, I’ll end up first stretching out their hips – then their shoulders.

Regarding our Back and Shoulders, we have some major muscle groups that help control our shoulder blades called the Rhomboids. These muscles work in unison with the Trapezius, Levators, and others.

In today’s video, I, along with golf great Tommy Jacobs, and Susan, are showing a very simple and effective stretch to warm up the Rhomboids for greater extension and power in their golf swings.

Don’t forget though, that to gain superb flexibility, one must stretch ALL of the major muscle groups and muscle chains to work ALL of the muscles in our bodies. That’s specifically why I created The SECRETS to Golf Swing Flexibility Video Program.