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No doubt in my mind, the average amateur has too much excessive movement throughout their swings. This can manifest by ‘herky-jerky’ motions – swaying – lifting – and, especially having the arms get OUT OF SYNC with the lower body.

One of the most – if not THE most – popular drills I give my students, is what we call ‘The Pull Back Drill’; which really helps coordinate the movements into one solid working unit. This drill is actually done in three parts.

Part 1) Where you swing completely flat-footed and ‘try not’ to shift your weight at all. I tell people to imagine that I give their lower bodies a shot of novocaine to keep it perfectly still – and to imagine that they’re standing in dried concrete and can’t move. Then I have them swing their back and down and through the shot – BUT KEEP THE RIGHT FOOT PLANTED AT ALL TIMES! And here’s the critical part; After the completion of the follow-through IMMEDIATELY SWING THE ARMS BACK to the ADDRESS POSITION. After hitting 5 solid shots (and you’ll be amazed at how easy this will be), move on to PART 2.

Part 2) Now, after you’ve hit 5 solid shots, do PART 1 of the Drill On the Backswing – where you take the same backswing ) ie., just lifting your arms back), only now shift your weight down and through the shot finishing with 100% of your weight on your front foot – with your right foot up.

Part 3) After you’ve hit 5 more solid shots doing Part 2, now go ahead and hit more shots RETAINING THE FEELING OF BEING BRACED WITH YOUR LOWER BODY ON THE BACKSWING. (You can go ahead and allow your left shoulder to come under your chin on your backswing now).

This drill is a miracle worker and I assure you, if your swing gets off track, you can bring it back to Center with this Pull Back Drill.