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Maintaining flexibility in your hamstrings is crucial for maintaining longevity in playing golf, simply because having a stable lower body and flexible hip rotation is fundamental for a fundamental golf swing. Although it may not seem like it, golf – like all sports is a LOWER BODY GAME in which the lower body dictates to the upper body. The old adage that in sports, ‘the first to go are the legs’ is certainly true in golf as well.

The BAD NEWS is that as we age, we tend to lose our range of motion, not to mention muscle mass and bone density. However, the GOOD NEWS is that we can not only retard the aging process, but actually achieve superb flexibility by doing the Right Stretches – the Right Way – EVEN AS WE GROW OLDER!

Take the Hamstring Test in today’s video and find out precisely where you are (or aren’t?); And KNOW that you can get it back!