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Since over 90+% of our population is right handed, the majority of golfers have stronger and tighter right sides, thus weaker left sides. Over time, these Imbalances become quite noticeable, and with the majority of right handed golfers, you’ll see a lower and more forward right shoulder.

Being out of balance wreaks havoc on your body and joints, not only limiting mobility, but also increasing the likelihood of a host of musculoskeletal injuries such as back surgeries, knee or hip replacement, etc. Always remember, that the body conforms to whatever position it’s in for long periods of time.

Again, because we spend nearly all of our time doing everything with just one side of the body. Driving a car… it’s the right leg that’s constantly working the gas and the brake. At a computer… it’s the right hand working the mouse. Baseball, Tennis, and playing a round of Golf… all these movements are predominantly all on the right side for the majority of people.

This results in an overdevelopment of the muscles on the right side and an underdevelopment of the muscles on the left side. Your right bicep is probably bigger than your left. In fact, most of the muscles on your dominant side are bigger and more developed than your non-dominant side. This makes them stronger and tighter, so your right shoulder is lower than your left, and if it’s really pronounced, your head even tilts to the right. This happens to your shoulders and to your hips.

This happens over years, BUT; it doesn’t take years to start to correct it. Proper stretching along with a simple Posture Restoration Program, and doing simple drills using your left side more, and balancing your exercises can make a huge change.

One of my favorite tools for rapid results here is the Power Swing Fan. Swinging the fan left handed just 10 times before or after a round will balance your body. The added resistance through the impact zone will start to build up your left side and will make it stronger faster, which is why it only takes a few swings to overcome an entire round of golf, and/or sitting down at your desk. Being better balanced won’t just help your posture and mobility but it will also help you swing faster, hit longer, straighter, and more consistent drives making golf fun again.