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Working out in our current culture is like taking 3 steps forward, then 2 steps back.  By that I mean that unlike our ancestors who basically moved and stayed in motion all day while they hunted and gathered, we spend the majority of our time Sitting down at our desks and computers, in our cars, on our couches, etc; which then bastardize the workouts that we’ve been doing.  Since nearly all of us are trapped in the sedentary lifestyle that exists in our culture, it’s often difficult to maintain our health & fitness – and especially our Posture!

However, I’ve found a phenomenal product called The Alignmed Posture Shirt that will not only keep your posture intact, but actually help; improve it—-Just By Wearing It!

With the unique material and stitching design of this product, the Shirt actually pulls your shoulders back and by doing so, fires the Posterior muscles to ‘Stay There’ and not slouch forward!  The shirt also tucks down below your glutes and helps maintain neutrality in your pelvis.

I have nearly all my tour professionals and athletes who travel a lot wear the Alignment Shirt, especially when they travel so that they can maintain the integrity of their posture All Day Long.

If you haven’t tried the shirt yet, I highly encourage you to:  GET IT ON!!