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Get More Distance By Moving Your Center of Gravity

I’ve never met a golfer ‘Yet’ who didn’t want to hit the baLl further – especially seniors!

The mathematical formula for Distance is Mass X Velocity Squared. Which means…

The More ‘BODY MASS’ and SPEED that moves into the ball, the faster a golfer will be able to generate more Power. Moving your Body Mass into the shot (in Balance of Course), not only means more Speed – but also more consistency…and allows the golfer to hit the ball more solidly.
In today’s video, I’ll explain more about how good players ‘and especi8ally Long Hitters, move their Center of Gravity (located about an inch down from your navel –FORWARD And Into the Shot.

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Behind The Scenes Arnold Palmer and Tommy Jacobs

One of the highlights of my golf career was the time I spent with Arnold Palmer. Not only was I blessed to have worked with him for several years, but I thoroughly enjoyed developing a relationship with him that I would describe as ‘Priceless’. I’ve never seen a celebrity – let alone the stature that he had- that treated people so well. He not only enjoyed people, but he actually went out of his way to accommodate them.

He not only learned the importance of maintaining one’s flexibility, but helped me tremendously promote it!

This short video clip is some outtakes of us behind the scenes when we were filming my infomercial….Roger Fredericks Reveals The SECRETS to GOLF SWING FLEXIBILITY. I had forgotten I had some of this footage until I came across it recently, and it brought back some great memories. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Although Mr. Palmer isn’t with us anymore, he will certainly never be forgotten by me.

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Putting and Focus

The One Thing that I’ve learned that ALL great putters do; is FOCUS ON THE HOLE and not so much the Stroke!  I had the honor of teaching at Omni La Costa Resort for several years with the legendary teacher Jim Flick – and Jim had a saying that I always liked. 

He used to say that “The Golf Swing is a REACTION to the intended shot you’re trying to hit”.  Most golfers have it the other way around.

Although today’s tip is about Putting and Focus, the philosophy I just mentioned certainly applies.  Rather than focus so much on your Putting Stroke, try spending more time Focusing on the actual Putt, Ie, the line, the break, the grain, and try SEEING the ball actually drop into the cup. etc.  

Directing your energy OUTWARD  towards the hole Rather than INWARD in your hands, will free up your body and send your energy out to the hole..  This will automatically create the stroke that is necessary.

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Control Your Wedges By Your Shoulder Rotation

I feel that one of the main reasons that amateurs don’t get better results with their
Wedges is because they try to keep ‘too still’ in their swings.  Ie, they sometimes try to keep their body static and just use the hands and arms.

Remember, that controlling your wedges depends on how well you control your shoulders.  

For example:

If you want to hit the shot lower, you can pretty much keep your shoulders more level and trap the ball.  On the other hand, if you want to hit the ball higher, try to Rotate  your Shoulders FASTER through the shot!

Think of playing Ping Pong; if your opponent is way back beyond his side of the table, and you want to hit a soft cut shot barely dropping over the net with a lot of spin, then you’d open up the paddle, and Rotate your Shoulders Faster through the shot.  The same thing in golf applies when you’re hitting different types of wedge shots.

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Short Shots Over Bunkers Around The Green

A Lot of people have trouble hitting short pitches over a bunker around the green, and I feel one of the main reasons is that they don’t set up to the ball properly – and don’t ROTATE!

Rather than trying to ‘Keep your Head Down’ and Keep Still, try imagining your hitting a short cut shot in Ping Pong  just over the net.

In today’s video, I’ll demonstrate just how to do it

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In Putting; Focus On The Hole…Not the Stroke!!

By now, you’ve probably seen Phil Mickelson ‘staring’ at his intended shot and putt as part of his pre shot routine..  He’s said that part of his improved play at 51 years of age is due to his conditioning – and MENTAL visualization techniques.   He now stands behind the ball for a considerable time until he ‘See’s’ the intended shot  he wants to hit.

AND, he’s obviously doing incredibly well – since he became the oldest man to ever win a major championship last year!  Phil says he’s doing more visualization work because as he’s gotten older, he tends to lose his concentration and focus faster, and this technique keeps his mind/body ‘In the Game’.   

I’ve been blessed to have worked with over 75 PGA Tour Players including 7 Hall of Famers, and THE MAIN DIFFERENCE between them and everybody else is in their minds and their Creative Imaginations.

In today’s video, I’m giving you some stats and pointers on how to SEE the putt better and playing more in your mind – and not in your body!

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Eliminate Excess Movement with The Pullback Drill

Without a doubt, I think the majority of high handicap golfers ‘Move Too Much’ in their swings and have too many unnecessary and wasted movements.  

One of the reasons tour player’s golf swings look so effortless is because they don’t have any hitches ad glitches, and their swings are actually very simple motions  where not much can go wrong.

Years ago, one of my longtime friends and 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, Mike Malaska showed me a drill called the PULL BACK DRILL – which comes in 3 parts, and is simple to execute.  What I couldn’t (and still can’t believe) is that I absolutely Couldn’t Miss when hitting my shots with this drill! Whenever you feel that your swing gets off, and has too many excessive movements, give the PULL BACK DRILL a try, and it’ll surely get your swing centered and powerful!

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Is it Dangerous to Land on the Outside of Your Left Foot?

By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of golfers – including Tour Players, land on the outside of their left feet when they move down into the ball.  The question is…

Is this dangerous?

The answer to that question is…


In fact, it’s usually just a matter of time before some part of the linkage of muscles on the left side of the body will finally wear down and injuries will ‘pop up’. i.e. you can bet that there’s going to be an accident down the road somewhere on the left side involving either the left shoulder, left knee, left ankle, the Achilles tendon, etc.


Although there’s not one direct answer, the reality is that in the majority of cases, golfers have too strong and dominant right hips ‘and right sides’ that over power the weaker and less stable left sides. Then when they move powerfully into the front foot, the left side often doesn’t hold up and the foot, knee, ankle, etc., will eventually give out.  Eventually the repetitive friction that’s placed on the muscles of the left side eventually wear the joint down – just like the wheel of a car that’s out of alignment will finally wear the rubber out.

To elaborate further, it’s best to ‘LAND FLAT ON THE LEFT FOOT’ rather than come down on the OUTSIDE of it.

The answer is to:
a).  Keep the muscles on ‘Both Sides of the body Balanced, and
b). Do some Bi lateral exercises – like making left handed golf swings to keep the muscles balanced.

(In an upcoming newsletter, I’m going to show you an exercise that will help you attain balance and stabilize that left side).

But for now, try doing the easy to do exercises on the Slant Board, – which will go a long way to keep your body Balanced!

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Your Body is the Dumping Ground of Your Mind

Spending a lifetime in the golf world, I’ve been blessed to have associated with thousands of Super Successful People from all walks of life; not to mention, have worked with hundreds of GREAT golfers and professional athletes.

I’ve been asked all the time what many of them are like? And, I usually respond by saying that whatever you do, don’t get in the way of an athlete’s vision and their targets, because if you do, their eyes and focus will burn a hole through you! In other words, their minds have a singleness of focus that’s incredible (and I find this to be true of all successful people no matter what the vocation).

Despite the fact that all great players they come in all shapes and sizes, and all have their own way of swinging a golf club, their minds are Hyper Focused on the target.  On the other hand, higher handicappers aren’t anywhere near as focused on the target as the pros and consequently, they end  up “Playing Swing” and not “Playing Golf”.

Whatever you do, understand that:


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The Power of Passion – Let NOTHING Get in the Way of Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals

Over decades, I’ve been incredibly blessed to have known many of the most successful people in the world  – and in many cases, of all time. This includes Hall of Fame athletes from virtually every sport, business icons, amazingly successful artists, and very talented lay people. 

As Ben Hogan walked to the practice tee before a round, a reporter began to ask him a question. Hogan put up his hand and said,
“Not now, I’ve already started my round.”

Over decades, I’ve been incredibly blessed to have known many of the most successful people in the world  – and in many cases, of all time. This includes Hall of Fame athletes from virtually every sport, business icons, amazingly successful artists, and very talented lay people. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that they ALL have an incredible ability to focus on their chosen vocation, career, or pastime, and especially they all BELIEVE that there’s NOTHING they can’t accomplish (i.e., they let NOTHING get in the way of stopping them from achieving their goals!). However, there are many areas of their lives where they’re not very good and are actually terrible in their ability to do certain things. I’ve come to believe that the difference between what they do well – and what they do poorly – is simply PASSION!

As an example, I’ll never forget the first time I spent considerable time with Arnold Palmer at Bay Hill in 2004.  At the end of the 3rd day, I was reviewing the fitness programs I had put together for him and said (like I always do) that I’d like him to do some goal setting.  He said , “what kind of goals?”  I said, “how about we set two goals:  The first being that you make the cut in the U.S. Senior Open, and the second that you win the most skins in the next Senior Skins Game on TV”.  He looked at me and said, “Why are you setting the goals so low?”  I replied, “Well, I want to be realistic and don’t want to set a goal like winning the Masters!”  At that point, he walked right up to me – eye to eye – poked a finger in my chest, and with those beady brown eyes of his said, “Rog, I sincerely believe that if I can get another 50 yards on my tee shots, that I can compete at Augusta!”  AT THE TIME HE HAD JUST TURNED 74 YEARS OLD!, and I can tell you with certainty, he was dead serious!!  My reaction was ‘Wow’ he really believes that –  THAT’S  why he’s so successful!

Since then, I’ve paid more attention to how other successful people look at things – and, it’s irrefutable to me  that the difference  is in ATTITUDE!  ALL successful people have a passion and a belief for what they do!

My advice is; that when you go out to play golf, set a goal on EVERY shot.  Where do I want this ball to go?  What type of shot do I want to hit?  What’s the smart play?  Ad infinitum.  In other words, set goals – be passionate – and don’t let ANYTHING STOP YOU!!

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