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Does the Golf Swing Cause Injuries? Or, Do Your Injuries INJURE Your Golf Swing?

One of the questions one hears a lot is that the Golf Swing Motion is bad for your back? And I can assure you that I’ve been asked that hundreds of times.

The truth is that the human body is one of the most remarkable and durable ‘machines’ ever devised and it’s designed to undergo an incredible amount of abuse that our culture places upon it (which includes the amount of junk we put into it for ‘fuel’).  One would think that swinging a shaft that weighs less than a pound wouldn’t have any effect – and it shouldn’t.

To answer the question;  a person who has a balanced body normally won’t suffer any negative consequences – BUT, the truth is that doing a repetitive motion such as throwing a baseball, swinging a tennis racquet – AND swinging a golf club millions of time with the same right to left motion, WILL over time – develop muscle imbalances.  When one side of a person’s body becomes out of balance with the other, friction is placed  upon the joints, and eventually the wear and tear on the joint occurs.

THE BEST WAY to prevent injuries, is to get on a Customized Posture and Flexibility Program to balance your body FIRST. And, on top of that, wearing an Alignmed Posture Shirt or a Jelly Expander Shoulder Harness will also get you into proper alignment.

This is one of the many reasons why I encourage people to maintain a ‘proper’ flexibility and posture program so as to keep the body balanced – and then be able to enjoy playing golf for a lifetime.

Be sure to watch the Golf, Posture, and Flexibility Videos through my web site (members have access to all these videos).

– Roger