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Your Grip Could be Holding You Back and Costing You Distance

Although there are a lot of ways to grip the club, one thing is certain: You must have the club held SECURELY in your hands! After all, your hands are the only direct communication you have with the club. Whether you have an interlock, overlap, or 10 finger grip, the club must be held securely in the last 3 fingers of the left hand ‘pressing’ up against the pad of the hand, and primarily with the middle two fingers of the right. Again, if the club isn’t held securely, there’s a good chance your shots won’t be solid and consistent.

Whether you’re hitting irons or woods, I recommend that you grip the club the same way for all shots. Overall, I prefer a Stronger Grip for the average golfer where the ‘V’ of the left forefinger and thumb is pointing towards the right shoulder. This automatically allows the wrists to hinge the club naturally.

Watch this video and learn a sure way to hold the club properly.